Aesthetics About Style #15 ~ Halfway Between Post Maximilist to Classic

Well right now I'm so captivated by the Burberry Spring 2012 menswear collection. Oh the artiste prints and details, it's so interesting and very chic. This is a printed t-shirt that I'm totally in love with. See how the black pocket off-sets the half-moon print and the weave wicker background. It's truly an art piece it self. So as you can see it's quite a cluster-fuck of different styles, textures and artistic era's. I'm into that right now. We have classic lines like the blazer, crocodile notebook wallet. Modern and urban styles like the pair of chinos, the clear sunglasses and leather woven bracelet. And lastly the post maximilist era, the amazing blue and yellow leather brogues, the Burberry printed t-shirt, the reindeer gold ring and the skull beaded bracelet. It's quite chic altogether, the mix match of colours and textures makes it interesting ad unique.


  1. Wow one of the best aesthetics about style posts ever
    Kepp up the good work hun

  2. You should become a stylist lad

  3. Replies
    1. That's such a cliche non-fashion person thing to say
      Burberry is amazing